There’s Nothing Spooky About Botox

We all have seen photos of women who have undergone way too much plastic surgery and they can barely move their face. The truth of the matter is that Botox is one of the most misconceived treatments. If you come to Images Medical Spa in Wilmette we are here to please you with results that leave you feeling confident and beautiful. Our trained experts know exactly how many units should be injected. This is another reason why it’s important to make sure you go to a professional that you trust because it’s your face and if you ask us that is certainly not a small concern. It would be impossible not to be turned off by some of the results out there. But we are here to tell you that there is truly nothing spooky about botox. Keep reading as we lessen all your worries around botox. 

For some, deciding to get botox it can be a big decision to make and we get it. It’s not like applying skincare products to your skin. But we know what it’s like to obsess over those wrinkles in the mirror or in a photo. But the truth is that there is no makeup or skincare product to completely remove or hide those wrinkles. The only answer to treat wrinkles is botox. Nobody should have to suffer or feel less beautiful due to age. Most people’s worries with botox start with the thought of poking a needle into their skin. First off it doesn’t hurt and it is a very small needle. Another reason people shy away from this treatment is due to the product neurotoxin Botulinum that is used to treat those wrinkles. 


Botulinum toxin is not something that needs to be feared especially since it is only used in small quantities to treat wrinkles. Botulinum toxin is the shortened version of what we say botox is produced by but the longer version is bacterium clostridium botulinum. It originally comes in a powdered form and is diluted into a liquid so it can be injected. The impressive part (not spooky) is that the chemical in botox when injected into the skin activates and blocks the nerve transmission from allowing the muscles in the face to contract. So in other words botox does freeze the muscle under the skin but not the entire face just your concerned areas that contain wrinkles. The muscle is blocked so even if the brain signals your body to move a muscle nothing will happen. Since such little amounts of units are injected it’s impossible for the botox to just roam the body since it can only travel 3 cm from where it was injected. Also, small doses are effective enough to get rid of those wrinkles completely. It does not last forever so it’s important to schedule future appointments to keep up with the results. It’s very common for people to come and get anything from 20-40 units of botox every three months. 

Now that we covered the safety of botox we want to talk about the day of your treatment and what to expect after. The day of your treatment it is important that you’ve done your homework by consuming zero blood thinners because this lessens your chances of bruising. Botox is one of our quickest treatments to get done at Images Med Spa in Wilmette and this often surprises people. Botox can be injected in less than 30mins and the reason is because you most likely only have a few areas on the face that need the injection to treat the wrinkles. Botox is not as scary or even painful, it’s a few pokes and it’s already over. After treatment you can expect to return to most of your normal activities. The only thing that must be excluded is exercising, painkillers and alcohol. Exercising can increase blood flow to the muscles and cause the botox to diffuse. Both painkillers and alcohol thin the blood which as mentioned before can lead to bruising. Some notice right after their appointment small red bumps. This swelling tends to happen because botox is diluted with saline. But no worries within an hour that swelling will disappear! It is important not to touch the treated area to avoid any migrating of the botox. Be gentle when washing the skin and be sure to advise your provider of your products before going forward with your normal skincare routine. Within just 3-7 days later you will notice unbelievably smoother skin. Many ask us “how is botox a preventative measure?” there is a prophylactic effect. Since botox prevents the contractions of the muscle even though the brain tells it to fire this is actually preventing new wrinkles from forming. But like most treatments it takes maintenance and so within 4 months or longer you’ll need to come back to keep that skin smooth and fresh. Typically the bigger the muscle in the face the faster it is to come back compared to the smaller muscles that will appear slower. Your body also is never capable of building up a tolerance to botox so it will always reverse those signs of age. The only strange but another great benefit of botox is that it is said to treat migraines so patients who came to treat wrinkles noticed headache relief!


If looking in the mirror has become a horror movie itself and you’ve realized the only potion for treating those wrinkles is botox. Book an appointment today at Images Med Spa in Wilmette! It’s time you finally stop fearing the mirror! We are here to help treat your concerns and leave you feeling beautiful and confident for this year’s spooky season.


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